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3054 N. Central Ave.,
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Enhance Your Body and Mind

Do you want the confidence of knowing you can defend yourself and your family? Do you want to participate in something engaging all while sculpting your body and mind? Individuals all across the globe practice the art of taekwondo from small dojos to the Olympic level.

CARDENAS​ MARTIAL ARTS is proud to be recognized as a legitimate training facility for teaching the practice of taekwondo. Our instructors have years of experience in training and competing at a variety of levels, and want to help our students achieve greatness regardless of where they come from in life.

What Is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is one of the world's oldest martial arts created in Korea by Choi Hong Hi. The ideas of taekwondo are found in its name: 'tae,' meaning foot, 'kwon,' meaning hand, and 'do,' meaning art. Therefore, it can be said that taekwondo is the art of using your hands and feet for self-defense.

Taekwondo is a well-rounded form of martial arts that serves as an effective method of weaponless defense. Students learn to master a variety of striking combinations, both closed and open-handed, powerful kicks, take-downs and throws, and even some submission maneuvers as seen in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
This martial art also strengthens the body to handle a variety of self-defense situations, all while maintaining the breath and composure to adapt with the flow. This sort of mental strengthening applies to all facets of life. You will not only become physically fit and healthy, but you'll feel more confident and capable to tackle challenges all throughout your daily life.

What to Expect in a Taekwondo Class

A typical taekwondo class will follow a similar structure that you would see across any type of martial art school. We begin each session by properly engaging and warming up the body to prepare for more intense movements.
You will get the blood flowing and stretch the muscles. Students should strive to work towards a full split to assist with mastering their kicking technique. You'll also participate in many core exercises to strength your balance and posture.
From there, you will be taught a few techniques, which you will drill many times. You will also learn new forms for each belt level that you must work to perfect.
Finally, you will finish the session by sparring with partners to test the new techniques you've learned. We encourage all students to attempt to use their experience in realistic situations to reinforce the lessons taught in class.
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Come experience the beautiful art of taekwondo, while strengthening your body and mind. Give us a call today!


(773) 637-4144
3054 N. Central Ave, 
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