3054 N. Central Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60634
3054 N. Central Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60634


Call Us Today: (773) 637-4144

Call Us Today: 
(773) 637-4144


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Your Journey

Starts Here

Your journey as a taekwondo student starts here. Whether you're looking to take form classes or to simply strengthen your body and health. Take a look at the different courses we have to offer people from all backgrounds and all age

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Kids Tae Kwon Do

Sign your child up for a course designed around helping children learn and have fun. 

Two professional female karate fighters are fighting on the grand arena

All Levels

A class suitable for beginners and skilled practitioners of TKD. 

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When it comes to any difficult or lifelong skill, it's important to regularly put your knowledge to the test. 

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Private Lesson

Get one-on-one attention to help examine the holes in your TKD game. 

Want to try it for yourself?

The best way to see if you're truly interested in taekwondo for yourself is by trying it on for size. Click through to schedule your free trial class to see what we're all about!

Helping You Become the Best Version of Yourself

A Regular Schedule

Our schedule is dependable so that you don't have to worry about scheduling your life around us.

Competition Team

Join our team of spirited competitors to help push yourself to new heights and accomplish great things.

Endless Feedback

Your instructors and classmates are the best source of feedback when it comes to improving your skills and fitness.


Come experience the beautiful art of taekwondo, while strengthening your body and mind. Give us a call today!


(773) 637-4144
3054 N. Central Ave, 
Chicago, IL 60634

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