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The Taekwondo Sparring System

When it comes to any difficult or lifelong skill, it's important to regularly put your knowledge to the test. It's an opportunity to realize what you might not realize. It's a chance to find holes in your game and offers an opportunity to improve your learning and training experience.

CARDENAS​ MARTIAL ARTS works with students to prepare them for sanctioned taekwondo sparring competition. We challenge students to push the levels of their physical conditioning and teach them to to utilize their knowledge and techniques in a realistic self-defense scenario where points are on the line.

How a Competitive Match Works

Competitive taekwondo events are broken down into age, skill level, and weight class to keep things fair and appropriate. Competitors will spar for three minute rounds with judges awarding points for successful maneuvers, as well as awarding penalties for breaking rules. 

There are some obvious rules including no strikes below the belt and what types of strikes you are allowed to deliver. Competitors earn points by landing clean, solid strikes against any part of their opponent including the head. It is an opportunity for taekwondo practitioners to see how their techniques are utilized in a real combat situation, which involves careful defense and counterattacking.
Students should prepare for competitive events by partaking in these specialized classes, or even working one-on-one with an instructor. You'll want to take your study of the art seriously and work to build your strength and conditioning to the highest level possible. There's no more demanding achievement than competing, but there's also none more rewarding.

Why You Should Be Motivated to Compete

Anyone considering competing for the first time is likely facing a tremendous amount of anxiety. Newcomers to the sport often focus too much on the idea of losing or feeling embarrassed about losing. The truth is if you've never competed, you may very well lose.
But, even the best competitors have lost as soon as the first round. Yet, taekwondo practitioners compete anyway because it is the ultimate opportunity to learn. Nevertheless your experience in competing is the most valuable teacher you could ask for as it will show you where you need to improve.
Rather than focus on the idea of losing, however, why not focus on the possibility of winning? Show faith in your instructor and your training and see for yourself what your dedication has brought forth. Even small successes can build confidence, and you may even get addicted to thrill of live competition.
Most of all, you may very well win your division. Chase the possibility of success and put everything you've learned to the test.
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