3054 N. Central Ave.,
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3054 N. Central Ave.,
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Call Us Today: 
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Teaching Children Confidence, Self-Defense, and Discipline

It's never too early to take up a craft, and we are proud to help the children in our community develop into confident, mature individuals through taekwondo training.

CARDENAS​ MARTIAL ARTS offers several kids taekwondo courses to accommodate a variety of age groups and skill levels. Our kids get fit, learn new skills, make new friends, and most importantly, have fun while growing into better people.

How Training Martial Arts Helps Children

Martial arts courses provide children with much needed structure that emphasizes quality of character and proper behavior both in and out of class. It provides a sense of routine and self-discipline with clear and easy to understand goals to work toward.

Children will also have a healthy outlet to express excess energy and maintain healthy fitness and weight while participating in something fun. This is not only important for their health and growth, but will give them confidence as they regularly achieve new goals and strengthen their bodies as they age.
Finally, martial arts truly emphasizes the importance of appreciating self-growth instead of constantly comparing one's self to others. It's something that even we adults can be guilty of, and it can be especially hard on children who are growing and trying to discover their own identity. 
All parties who participate in martial arts are accustomed to the normalcy of failing, and learn to value achieving their own personal landmarks for success. They're able to learn these truths in an accepting, friendly environment.

Stand Up to the Bullying

We all had our experiences with bullies as children, but it can be argued that bullies are more of a problem than ever in modern schools. Psychologists state that children likely become bullies as a result of poor role models, not getting enough attention, and feeling weak or insecure themselves.
Bullies tend to target individuals they perceive as weaker than they are. If you believe that your child has an issue with finding their confidence and standing up for themselves, taekwondo can make an impact.
Taekwondo not only teaches valuable self-defense skills, but will help children feel confident about who they are as well as their bodies. They'll become accustomed to friendliness and acceptance that they can use as their foundation in school and home life. 
Our school can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of your child. If you want your child to learn valuable skills and grow into a well-defined individual, give us a call today to discuss enrollment.
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Come experience the beautiful art of taekwondo, while strengthening your body and mind. Give us a call today!


(773) 637-4144
3054 N. Central Ave, 
Chicago, IL 60634

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