3054 N. Central Ave.,
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3054 N. Central Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60634


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Get the Extra Attention You Need for Your Game

Much of everything you need to know can be gained through cooperative experience in a general class among classmates. However, if you find that you're lacking confidence and require some one-on-one attention, we can help you in the areas you're looking to improve.

CARDENAS​ MARTIAL ARTS is happy to offer and schedule private lessons for any students looking to train. This is an opportunity to receive direct feedback and the undivided attention of a veteran instructor who can help you improve all aspects of your taekwondo game. 

Maximize Your Training Time

While you should look to your classmates for new, dynamic opportunities to learn, you can sometimes feel yourself wanting to get more constant, immediate feedback about your technique.

In larger classes, your instructor or instructors must provide feedback and attention to every person participating. This can leave you on the sidelines knowing that you need assistance or correcting, but may not even have time to get your question in during your routine drilling.
With private lessons, you get the immediate feedback you need. An instructor will allow you to feel the error of poor technique, and immediately explain and correct it so that you don't begin to form bad habits going forward.

Train Harder and Push Your Body

Training one-on-one with an instructor will afford you no time to slack off or take it easy. Private lessons are valuable and any good instructor will want to ensure you get your money's worth.
An instructor is more experienced than you can imagine and knows exactly when and how to push you throughout the session. These lessons will be both challenging and humbling while providing worthwhile learning experiences.
Private lessons will not only push your physical prowess but offer a greater test of your technique and mental ability to respond effectively against a deeply experienced practitioner. 
If you're looking to kick start your game and take it to the next level, contact us today about private lessons. We're ready to take you to the next level.
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Come experience the beautiful art of taekwondo, while strengthening your body and mind. Give us a call today!


(773) 637-4144
3054 N. Central Ave, 
Chicago, IL 60634

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